The dynamic Knowledge Graph-based Universal Digital Twin (UDT) enables scalable linking between data from heterogenous sources and makes them actionable to provide decision support. The semantics, aka meaning, of the data is accounted for using ontologies, and an intelligent agent ecosystem that acts on (while being part of) the Knowledge Graph to continuously update it, thus rendering it a “live” characteristic.

UDT is all-encompassing by-design and thus has the ability to contain anything that can be conceptualised.  Consequently, it is applicable to virtually any domain or across domains, offering three key functionalities:

Question & Answer

Enable cross-domain interoperability of data and models by linking them across heterogenous sources. This helps querying and exploring the data semantically.

Optimise & Control

Enable optimisation and control of the “base world”, i.e., the real world the data is coming from.

Imagine & Explore

Enable holistic “what-if” scenario analyses via “parallel worlds”, helping users to evaluate the impact of potential digital alternatives in a specific section of the directed graph, while still being connected to the evolving “base world”.

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CMPG leverages extensive experiences in developing Knowledge Graphs approaches for connected data and digital twin solutions in various applications such as decarbonisation, net-zero targets, smart infrastructure, materials, energy and environment.
Collaborative R&D
As a research-intensive solution provider, CMPG is actively engaged in collaborative research and development projects with partners from industry, academia and RTOs both domestically and on international level.
We provide tailor-made training in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graphs, explainable AI either on-site or online. Contact us to know more.

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Computational Modelling Pirmasens GmbH (CMPG), founded in 2021, is based in Pirmasens, Germany. The technology company is a fully owned subsidiary of Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd. (CMCL) and develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven digitalisation solutions to enable effective decision making across multiple application domains.


We’re looking for a talented and creative Tech Entrepreneur to lead efforts in leveraging CMCL’s advancements, research operations, and existing business know-how into a new, dynamic R&D-driven company that will serve new and existing customers within Germany and Europe.

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